When I was about 8 years old, my parents set out to build a home by themselves. Four years later, they managed to finish their self-initiated project and make a few memories in the process. My mom began writing about the experience soon after the project, but her initial drafts of the book laid dormant for years. Eventually, she picked up the project again and began revisiting her old drafts of the story. She asked if I would be willing to contribute a few illustrations to the book and I offered to do the cover as well. Part confession, part comedy, and part documentary of blundering naiveté, the book details the ups and downs of my parents DIY homebuilding misadventure. Like many building projects, the venture overshot its due date and budget as my parents wrestled with the realities of contractors, permits, and workloads. I enjoyed helping my mother get her story onto the printed page. Sometimes the personal projects are the most enjoyable.
The books are available on Amazon. http://a.co/d/6jSFwNJ

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